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13 Dec 2019
Spend a little on cosmetic dentistry in 2020 and you will reap a lot from that investment on improving your smile.

Christmas is round the corner and you will have a Christmas bash and spend a load of money. Enjoy the festive season but give your teeth a good look. Do you think they could do with a makeover? Then save some money and give yourself a makeover treat with cosmetic dentistry Donvale clinics offer. When should you consider cosmetic dentistry?

Yellowed teeth need treatment

It is a natural thing for teeth to yellow with advancing age. There are other reasons too:
  • Even neglect can cause teeth to turn yellow instead of staying pearly white.
  • Then, you may be drinking a lot of coffee or wine or tea. These beverages do tend to stain teeth.
  • Tobacco is another culprit. It turns your teeth yellow or even brown.
Why whiten teeth? The simple reason is human psychology. People simply do not like to see yellow or brown or gray teeth. It turns them off and you rank lower on the social and professional order. Do yourself a favour for 2020. Give yourself a makeover with cosmetic dentistry Donvale dentists offer at affordable rates. It will be money well spent. The bonus is that your teeth are rid of plaque. Plaque causes bacteria to flourish and cause teeth decay.  A makeover is also in order should you have another condition such as misaligned teeth.

Misaligned teeth

Not everyone is blessed with a row of evenly sized teeth set in perfect order. Teeth can be crooked and misaligned. This condition can affect the way you talk and your bite too. Worse, when people see you smile with a set of crooked, misaligned teeth then they are likely to be put off. Why be discriminated against simply because of a few teeth? You can get these teeth aligned and made as perfect as possible with a variety of treatments.
  • If you are the type that does not like to wear braces then there is nothing to worry about. Your friendly dentist will put in place invisalign braces. These braces will gradually realign your teeth in 2020.
  • If you do not like external braces and if your teeth require it then the dentist will put in internal braces that are not visible when you talk or smile. It will take a few months for results to show but at the end of it your teeth sit in a perfect row. You will find it is easier to clean well-aligned teeth.
You will require patience and a few visits to your dentist but at the end of it the noticeable improvement has a positive effect on your bite, your speech and your social life too.


It happens to some people. The gums recede and show far too much teeth which can look unseemly. Exposed teeth can work loose sooner than you think besides being vulnerable to infection. Simply visit your dentist for gum reshaping and you will be glad you took that decision for 2020.


You may be unlucky enough to have one tooth missing. If it is inside then you may not have need to worry but if it is from the front row of teeth then letting the gap show when you smile can be somewhat embarrassing for you and for those who can see the gap. You get by but for 2020 make a hard decision to get yourself a crown-bridge or, better still, an implant at your friendly Donvale dentist. Implants may be expensive but the tooth sits perfectly in place and no one can even make out that it is an implant.


If your teeth are all right except for a few chips, deep stains or minor gaps then veneers are the way to go in 2020. Get these ceramic veneers fitted for 2020 and your smile will positively sparkle.

Cosmetic dentistry is not just for those who are conscious about looking great. It is for everyone. You spend on celebrations and other stuff at the year end but this year make a resolve for the next to get your smile makeover at cosmetic dentistry Donvale clinic.


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