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27 Feb 2020
The harmony of dental service from the Holistic Dental clinic is creating positive changes in people's lives. Know their specialty by reading the aforementioned lines.

If you are in the area of Melbourne, you may be aware of the clinic holistic dental. The clinic is contributing high in the patient oral health to give a better quality of life for them. Taking care of oral health is important to identify the significant effects or warnings of physical health. As a famous dentist said, "health and wealth will begin from your mouth".

You can maintain it by taking regular dental checkups in the Holistic Dental Melbourne. There are many reasons to address why choosing holistic dental is best for dental care. A few of the valid reasons are...

23 Dec 2019
You may not even know it but you could be a candidate for serious and chronic gum disease. The technical name is periodontitis. It starts with bacterial inflammation. Gingivitis is the primary stage at which point you should seek gum disease treatment Melbourne dentists offer to avoid further deterioration. Neglect can lead to periodontal disease. You may not feel seriously threatened because the symptoms do not cause acute discomfort but neglect has disastrous consequences.

Periodontitis or chronic gum disease

If you are not aware of the potential risk you should be. There is no cure for periodontitis once it sets in. The root cause is the periodontal bacteria. In normal circumstances and with good oral hygiene these bacteria are kept in...

13 Dec 2019
Spend a little on cosmetic dentistry in 2020 and you will reap a lot from that investment on improving your smile.

Christmas is round the corner and you will have a Christmas bash and spend a load of money. Enjoy the festive season but give your teeth a good look. Do you think they could do with a makeover? Then save some money and give yourself a makeover treat with cosmetic dentistry Donvale clinics offer. When should you consider cosmetic dentistry?

Yellowed teeth need treatment

It is a natural thing for teeth to yellow with advancing age. There are other reasons too:
  • Even neglect can cause teeth to turn yellow instead of staying pearly white.
  • Then, you may be drinking a lot of coffee or wine or tea. These beverages do tend to stain...

11 Nov 2019

We are one of the best dental clinics in the city and our TMD treatment comes at affordable prices and with advanced equipments.

In the modern world, people heavily rely on junk food and unhealthy lifestyle, so much, that it becomes a challenge to take care of their overall health. As dental practitioners, we have a duty to tell you that taking care of your pearly whites is a must. In case of a locked jaw, clinching teeth, pain in joints connected with jaw line and pain in jaw muscles, consult a dental professional immediately.

Tmd Treatment

What should you know about TMD—Meaning and Symptoms

TMD is short for Temporomandibular Disorder, a dental problem related with the jaw joints and muscles.  It’s a disorder of TMJ, or Temporo-Mandibular joint,...

22 Oct 2019
Water, food and shelter might be the three basic aspects of life. But there is one more basic aspect. Sleep! Good sleep nurtures your mind and helps you stay positive and move fresh throughout your day. Many factors may affect your good sleep and Bruxism is one among them.

Bruxism or teeth grinding is an involuntary jaw movement which causes the contact between the jaws which in turn creates a grinding sound and loss of enamel in your teeth. It is also one of the leading cause for 
Temporomandibular Disorders.

At Holistic dental Donvale, we have all the new-fangled treatment procedures to help you fight Bruxism and sleep apnoea. The teeth grinding solutions that we cater to our clients are economical and very effective.

Teeth Grinding Solutions

Teeth Grinding:...